Does Waka Flocka Have a Problem With Wiz Khalifa?

During a recent trip to DJ Kay Slay’s Shade 45 radio show, the DJ and Waka Flocka discussed rappers who they think are just hype. During their chat, Waka mentioned Wiz Khalifa’s name, stating that he’s got no swag and he hyped his way to the top.

“Hey Slay, how you feel about these rap n****s with all this hype? They ain’t got no swag, they really hype. They hype their way to the top,” Waka asked.

Kay Slay continued the conversation: “You name a name, I’ll name a name.”

Waka responded, “Wiz. Wiz.”

Could a beef be brewing between these two? Or was Waka just feeling a certain type of way that day? Check the video below: