Going on a Date? Be Prepared to Go Dutch

Ladies if you go on a date these days it’s best to assume you’ll be picking up half of the tab. The recession and the independent woman movement have poked a nice size whole in the free dinner perk that used to come along with a guy asking you out. If you go into an outing thinking you can leave your wallet at home, you may be sadly mistaken—and embarrassed. It’s best to just assume you’ll be paying for your entertainment and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised if he picks up the bill.

I don’t necessarily think a guy has to pay when he asks me out, but what I hate is when I take a chance and go out with someone I don’t really want to and then end up not only having a bad night but wasting money on bad company as well. You know it’s all bad when the check comes and he doesn’t even reach for it. That happened to me on a horrifically bad date at a wine bar. When the bill came, my “date” made no effort to touch it. I eventually reached for the bill and threw out my half, which prompted him to say, “yeah let’s just go ahead and split this bill and then I’ll take care of the cab back to your place.” Boy stop.