Gunmen Rob Yung Joc’s Home Studio for Over 50k in Equipment

On Saturday night (Dec. 17), rapper Yung Joc’s Atlanta recording studio was robbed of $50,000 worth of recording equipment. 

The rapper was home when the robbery took place. But his two caretakers arrived at the house, where the studio is held, and were greeted by three armed men who were hiding in the bushes.  

Held at gunpoint by the robbers, the caretakers were tied up while the men stole the studio equipment, an undisclosed amount of cash, and two guns. 

After an hour, the caretakers got loose of their holding and ran to a friend’s home where they called 911. By then however the three men had already left the scene. 

According to the police, no arrests have been made. — Natelege Whaley


(via AHH)