Have A Seat: 5 Celebrities Who Need to Leave the Bad Weaves in 2011

From UPTOWN–I thought I would have gotten this wish last year, but the Lord didn’t see fit for it to happen. So this year, I’m violently praying that in 2011 we can leave one element that has had our people oppressed for the last few years — bad weaves!

Guys, let’s erase the lace, starting with these top five offenders who need to tell their hairdressers to HAVE A SEAT!

5. Brandy Norwood

Song reference: “The Boy is Mine”

Ma’am, I love you, but the boy hasn’t been yours and will never be yours. He can’t get past the bad hair. Man Down! I’m sorry I have to tell you this way. Please, leave Pookie the weavologist in 2011. She’s no good for you! She’s holding back your love life, and you don’t even know it. Bran, you gotta tell the bad weaves to HAVE A SEAT!

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