HBO Cancels ‘How To Make It in America,’ ‘Hung’ and ‘Bored to Death’

As bizarre and upsetting as this random axe move was, HBO will be not be bringing back original series “Hung,” “How to Make It in America” and “Bored to Death.” Though the cluster of shows — especially “How To Make in America,” which survived for a second season — have niche watchers ready to tune in on their respective nights, the ratings for the 30-minute-shows have decreased for projected expectations.

While we say our final goodbyes, one can learn to love fellow original series “Enlightened,” which will return for a seacond season. The show may have appeared to have one of the smallest audiences, but it respectively rolls out about 1.5 million viewers on an average.

I’m sure there was more to love from “How To Make It in America” other than Scott Mescudi, but now that our rapper-turned-actor has ample practice with face time, perhaps we can expect more from the Mr. Rager’s acting career in the future. — Shabazz