Home Shopping Network Presents “Yours by Loren” Jewelry


Every Vixen loves to add an accessory of jewelry for that extra fab factor! Thankfully, fashion and beauty expert Loren Ridinger has crafted together the most exquisite and fine jewelry collection called “Yours by Loren” for all of your future “wow” moments.

The Home Shopping Network (HSN.com) is exclusively selling the collection which features precious stones and gems in the form of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Loren “dreamed of doing an affordable collection for women who know what they want, love and they aren’t afraid to put their own edgy style on it.”

The pieces from this collection scream the perfect gift for any occasion. The prices range from $150-$1,400, but the best part is that there is a payment plan where you can pay off your purchase in a series of four payments. Be sure to check out HSN.com and look at the “Yours by Loren” collection!

Take a look at some of the pieces from the collection…