Hosea Chanchez Needs a Woman Who Can Cook, Says Cheating Isn't a Deal Breaker

Do you have any hidden talents?

[Laughs] I can think of a few but I don’t know if I can mention them in a VIBE interview…nah, I’m just playing but no, not really. Everything is already out there

Word is you’re a major foodie, are you a cooker or do you reap the benefits by eating?

I like to eat more than I cook. I don’t have time to really cook but I love to cook and I’m more an eater.

I was gonna ask you what attracts you about a woman but I suspect that cooking is the way to your heart.

That’s damn sure one of the things about a woman that gets me. I like a lot of different things but cooking is definitely a plus. But most women don’t seem to cook today.

I think you have to get out of L.A.!

You’re right. My mom says the same thing.

What are some of your favorite things to eat?

I love pasta—nothing too fancy. I love soul food but I just can’t really eat it right now. I love Italian. And I love Asian, which is really hard unless you’re dating an Asian woman.

What was your weirdest fan moment, like with someone who ran into you on the street?

The weirdest fan moment would be at an airport in Atlanta. This girl came up to me on the train and she thought I was gonna be my character and I wasn’t. She was disappointed. She was like, “You ain’t gonna go up on me or say nothing?” And I was like, “No, why would go up on you?” And she was just like, “Oh, so you ain’t nothing like your character, huh?” And I was like “Nah.” And she was like “Aw, boo” then walked away.

[Laughs] At least that means you’re doing your job as an actor.

Yeah, and at the Atlanta airport, they keep it real with you.

Give me three do’s and three don’ts for dating coworkers?

Never let anybody get in the way of your work, keep the feeling mutual and no public displays of affection. Three don’ts…just the opposite of the do’s [laughs].

Ok, finish this sentence: Herman Cain is…

Lost in translation.

Last question, is cheating a deal breaker?

No. People make mistakes and sometimes, people do things for reasons that have nothing to do with you. And I think that’s the biggest lesson for a lot of women and a lot of men to learn is that a lot of times you have to deal with the source of why people do the things, that they do. It depends on if it’s something that happens one time or if it’s something that continues to happen. When it continues to happen, you might want to reassess the situation. It also depends on if you’re the type of person that values cheating—the act of cheating versus the lie that’s covered. I’m more about the lie that’s covered it up. I think the other things that come along with cheating are something that you have look at like if you have some sort of sexual issue, if you have personal insecurity of if the person you’re with makes you insecure and you need to feel dominant. There’s so much of that but I think if you’re willing to have those conversations past the cut and dry then it shouldn’t be a deal breaker for anybody.

Anything else you’re working on?

Just my production company and producing some stuff for 2012.

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