Ice Cube Loves Los Angeles Architecture and Design Icons

In a promotional video for art documentary Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980, Ice Cube recently opened up about being a huge fan of Los Angeles architecture and Charles and Ray Eames. The film is aa collection of exhibitions on the Southern California art scene post World War II organized by the Getty Institute.

Cube displays his love and knowledge of Los Angeles, its freeway and particularly the Eames House in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.

"A lot of people think L.A. is just eyesore after eyesore. Full of mini malls, palm trees and billboards," Ice Cube says. "So what? They don't know the L.A. I know. The good, the bad and the ugly about L.A. The traffic. Each freeway has its own personality. The 405, bougie traffic. The 110, that's gangsta traffic right there." He adds, "You gotta know the difference."

While walking around the Eames house, Ice Cube takes in the fact that the  house's frame was built in two days and included green elements.

Cube commented, "In a world full of McMansions where the structure takes up all the land, the Eames made structure and nature one. "This is going green 1949-style, bitch. Believe dat."

He also spoke to the NY Times on his love for LA architecture. Ice Cube studied architectural drafting at a trade school in Arizona before becoming a rapper.

NYTimes: I enjoyed hearing you tick off your favorite buildings in Los Angeles, including one I was unaware of: 5 Torches.

Ice Cube: The 5 Torches is an elegant ’hood restaurant. This is where all the old players went to hang out.

I didn’t want to show off the monuments that everybody knows. I wanted to highlight the ones in the neighborhood that we grew up in, like Brolly Hut. That’s just a hamburger stand, but it’s uniquely made, like a hat or a hut. Or Randy’s Donuts.

All these things are monuments to us — or were to me, growing up.

What about the Memorial Coliseum, where your beloved Raiders once played?

I think it’s great. But it’s a blessing and a curse. You don’t want to tear it down because of what it means to Los Angeles: Super Bowl I and the ’84 Olympics were held there. But it’s outdated, so nobody who wants a luxury box wants to play a game there. It’s the reason we don’t have a team right now.

Growing up, what was your experience with the more affluent areas, like Beverly Hills and Bel-Air?

My grandmother worked at one of those Bel-Air mansions and we would go — not too often, but every now and then — to pick her up. Hollywood was probably 12 miles from my house, but it might as well have been a million miles away.

The only time I saw that world was on TV. Until I started making records.

Did you move to a big house in the hills once you became successful?

Ain’t that what it’s all about: providing a better way for your family than you had? It’s a Mediterranean-style house and it feels, to me, like an Egyptian palace. Though I haven’t been on my architect game in 25 years.

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Eva Marcille Tears Up As She Recalls Kevin McCall’s Alleged Abuse

Eva Marcille is opening up about her allegedly abusive relationship with ex, Kevin McCall, in light of the rapper’s recent arrest for domestic violence. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star stopped by The Rickey Smiley Show on Thursday (April 18), where she discussed the abuse she endured during and after her first pregnancy.

“It took me a lot of time to even be able to get up the courage to talk about it because it’s embarrassing,” she said. “Coming from where I come from and being as astute and courageous as I am, you always feel like, ‘it can never be me.’”

Marcille explained that she and McCall were not “really in love” before she became pregnant with their daughter, Marley. “It wasn’t a relationship that lasted long enough for me to really even know him,” she noted. Even so, it wasn’t long before their romance took a violent turn.

“[The abuse] didn’t start for me until I was pregnant with Marley. And then about a month after having Marley, it didn’t stop; it got worse,” she tearfully recalled. “And it got worse with her. The final straw was when Marley was actually in my arms once. And I was like, ‘I can’t do this no more.”

Marcille has since married someone else (she married Michael Sterling in Oct. 2018), but she suggested that her history with McCall is both triggering and relevant to this day.

As previously noted, McCall was arrested on Monday (April 15) for domestic violence against his current partner, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirms. The “Deuces” artist was charged with one felony of injuring a spouse or cohabitant. According to jail records, McCall was released on Tuesday (April 16) after posting a $75,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on April 30.

In regards to his latest case, Eva said that her sympathy lies with the alleged victim. “I feel sorry for that girl… I feel bad for women who have to deal with that,” she said. “It’s actually not a laughable matter. It’s something that makes you feel so little… I hope that they keep his ass in jail.”

Watch the clips from Eva Marcille’s latest interview below.


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#PressPlay: #EvaMarcille gets emotional detailing her abuse and speaks on her ex #KevinMcCall’s recent domestic violence arrest (SWIPE) Via @rickeysmileyofficial

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Apr 18, 2019 at 8:18am PDT

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Idris Elba Is The Black Superman In The New 'Hobbs And Shaw'

The Fast & Furious enterprise is known for gravity-defying stunts, larger-than-life explosives, a few expensive cars going way over the speed limit and fight scenes so intricate and lethal, they look like poetry.

All that and more are on display in the second full-length trailer for the forthcoming Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw. Slated for a summer release, Dwayne Johnson plays Hobbs who must work with his nemesis Shaw (Jason Statham) to take down Brixton Lore, (Idris Elba) a genetically enhanced fighter who fancies himself the black Superman.

Shaw's sister, played by The Crown's Vanessa Kirby, stole a chemical from Lore that can wipe out half the population, and now Lore and his team of ruthless mercenaries are on a vicious hunt to retrieve it.

While Fast & Furious fans are curious to see if Johnson can carry a franchise film on his own, not everyone was supportive of the spinoff.  Tyrese Gibson seemingly took issue when rumors of the film were swirling. Johnson, however, didn't care and reportedly called  Gibson and Vin Diesel a bunch of "candy-asses."

The first Fast & Furious hit theaters on June 18, 2001, and was made with a $38 million budget. The film earned more than $200 million domestically setting it up to be one of Hollywood's most successful franchises. The series went onto have eight films, the last being The Fate of The Furious. It's been dubbed the final film since Paul Walker's 2013 death.

Fast & Furious Presents: HOBBS & SHAW - Official Trailer #2 Are you ready, we’re back with our SECOND WORLDWIDE @HobbsAndShaw trailer🔥THIS SUMMER AUGUST 2ND👀

— Idris Elba (@idriselba) April 18, 2019

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Jussie Smollett Cut From Forthcoming Broadway Play

Jussie Smollett has lost a starring role in a forthcoming Broadway play in the wake of his hate crime scandal. The actor was reportedly nipped from the Broadway reboot of the Tony-winning play, Take Me Out, the Daily Mail reports.

Smollett was originally cast to play the main character Darren Lemming, an interracial baseball player who comes out a gay at the height of his career. Ironically, the character also suffers a racial and homophobic attack by a teammate.

The actor previously read for the role only one day before his alleged attack in Chicago in Jan. 2019. A source close to Broadway told the British newspaper that Smollett and his co-star Zachary Quinto's castings were going to be announced in Mar. 2019, but "everything shifted" after Smollett was arrested and charged on the suspicion of staging his own hate crime and stalling a police investigation.

Smollett's disorderly conduct case has since been dropped, but the city of Chicago is suing the actor for $130,000 for the time wasted on his extensive investigation. Jussie didn't appear in the last two episodes of Empire's fifth season, but he is expected to return to the hit Fox series in the upcoming season.

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