Jermaine Dupri Sued by Luxury Car Leasing Company

Jermaine Dupri is another celebrity dealing with financial woes. Contact Music states that Dupri’s Lamborghini was recently repossessed by Premier Financial Services, a vintage and exotic car leasing company who loaned him money to pay for the $330,000 whip. Now they say he still owes them $80,000 for the car.

Court documents say the producer put down $70,000 for the car up front and he agreed to finish paying off the car with 58 monthly payments of $4,323. But he failed to finish clearing his dues.

By now the Lamborghini is in someone else’s hands. Premier Financial Services sold the car off for $115,000, and now they want Jermaine to pay the differences of $79,095.

Dupri’s reps have yet to comment. –Natelege Whaley