Jon Bon Jovi Jokes About Death Rumors

If you were on the Internet at any point yesterday you may have noticed reports that rocker Jon Bon Jovi died in New Jersey during a world tour.

The reports were FALSE and Bon Jovi is alive and well. In fact, he performed in Jersey last night (Dec. 19). During the concert he joked about the incident and referred to it several times. His Twitter feed posted, “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey” -jbj. Rest assured that Jon is fine!” The fake report was from the 2009 Los Angeles Times story that announced the death of Michael Jackson. The website called “dailynewbloginternational” posted the story claiming that Bon Jovi was dead, but some of the sentences appeared to have been copied from the Times story on Jackson’s death that ran on the LA Times. The Times reports it is looking into the issue, but says that it had nothing to do with the false report.