Kanye West Envisions World Leaders Attending His Funeral

Kanye West and Jay-Z are on a mission. The legacy they plan to leave behind will be remembered for generations. That’s the plan, anyway.

Voyr.com presents the first behind the scenes episode from the Watch The Throne tour. In these visuals, Kanye can be heard opening up about what the mark he wants to live in hip-hop.

“I always joked and I was like ‘Ok, I’m doing music but there is a bigger plan for me.  At a certain point I wasn’t given this power for no reason and now it’s starting to open up,” Kanye says in the opening scenes. “I was just thinking about my funeral and stuff a couple days ago, thinking ‘Who would be at the funeral?’ People who I want at my funeral, I want like world leaders that were affected [by me], that said “Kanye gave me my shot here.” Or he pushed me or he told me to believe in myself. Or when I saw this it made me feel like that. I want to affect people like that when I pass away.”

He continues: “I’m on a pursuit of awesome-ness. Excellence is the bare minimum.”