Kanye West Responds to Not Getting ‘Album of the Year’ Grammy Nomination

Last night, during the Watch The Throne tour stop in Kanye West’s hometown of Chicago, Yeezy spoke on having the most Grammy nominations this year but not getting nominated for Album Of The Year.

“Its something I figured out earlier today. ‘Cause you know everybody came to me last night like, “Congratulations,” because you know I’m leading the, had the most Grammy nominations once again. Like we always do it this time. But you know people focus, they said, ‘You ain’t have album of the year or record of the year.’ But I’ve figured out though, thats my fault for dropping Watch The Throne and Dark Fantasy in the same year. I should have just spaced it out just a little bit more.”

Do you think Kanye deserves an Album Of The Year Grammy nomination?

[Props: RapRadar]