Kimbella Dishes on Her Style from Head to Toe

Kimbella may not be the brightest girl in the bunch when it comes to brains, but you can count on her wardrobe to make a statement with bold colors.

In a VH1 video blog, she recently described her head to toe style as vibrant, beautiful, and fashionable, and credits her Miami roots as the inspiration for the splashes of color and metallics.

“I’m from Miami so of course I love to be vibrant and pretty much stand out,” she says. “You’ve gotta always have a poppin’ color.” When it comes to accessories, I’m really big on gold, platinum, anything blingy, anything that makes noise.”

But before you go overboard and pull out too much glitz and glitter, Kimbella says the trick is to keep it simple. “Just one signature piece and you’re good.”

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