Kimbella vs. Erica: Why Video Models Get No Respect

Why are more mainstream and high-fashion models, who Erica links herself with, able to avoid these kind of negative stereotypes? There are plenty of editorials that supermodels are ‘overtly sexy’ in; we’ve seen models in suggestive poses and revealing clothing to sell everything from lingerie to a pair of jeans. And nude or topless shoots for high-fashion models are par for the course. There’s also romance. There are more models married, engaged or dating celebrity athletes/musicians than I can count on two hands. And there’s scandal, too. Plenty of famous, well-regarded photographers have been rumored to engage in sexual acts with their model subjects. Yet supermodels, who engage in risque shoots and/or behavior, don’t seem to elicit a lack of respect from the public the way video models do.

Erica seemed hell-bent on distinguishing her type of ‘modeling’ from Kimbella’s to put herself on a higher level. But why do we put mainstream models on a different level than video models in the first place? Can’t they all get respect?