Lace Wigs 101

3.Invest in your wig. Buy the right products so that your wig looks good as long as possible. Why make the investment in a wig if you won’t give it what it needs? When people skip this step, they often wonder why their wig has a bald spot (it happens), looks dry or feels brittle after washing? The right shampoo and conditioner will make the wig retain its original luster, especially if it’s being washed in hard water. Ensuring that knot sealer is applied to the cap will prevent hair from slipping out of the lace. Moisturizing with the right product will prevent buildup and will keep it from looking or feeling greasy.

4.Become an expert. Many people spend up to $100.00 to get their wigs applied, removed and washed. Properly applying a lace takes patience, trial and error but most people are able to master it in just a few tries (or less). You Tube is a great place to find lace wig tutorials, and most online wig stores have Do-It-Yourself videos on their websites. Being able to apply, wash and remove your own wig means that don’t have to wait for an appointment to look fabulous.

5.Give it a rest. While it can be really easy to get into the habit of wearing a lace wig every day, it’s important to remember that your own hair needs maintenance. If you wear a glueless wig, chances are, you’ll see and maintain your natural hair, but if you attach it for weeks at a time, in between wig applications, be sure to wash, deep condition, rebraid, and get your ends trimmed, if necessary. Your hair will love it!

- Tiffani Chanel

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