Lip Service: Angela Yee Talks With Prodigy About Being Lonely

Queensbridge, N.Y. rapper, Prodigy caught up with radio raunch queen Angela Yee to talk love and sex from her red-light playlist.


Angela Yee:Have you ever been lonely? Staring at the ceiling…

Prodigy: Yeah. Everybody’s felt like that.

Like when?
Being on tour, like, Damn. You’re by yourself.
Sometimes I fall back from the groupies and after

Ever mess up and wish you had your girl back?
Hmmm… yeah.
Are you usually the one who goes back begging?
Yeah. [Laughs]

What are things you do when you’ve messed up?
I send songs, something talking about the situation. I’ve
sent Michael Jackson’s “Who’s Loving You?” I’m not too
good on the phone. I don’t want to say no stupid shit.

Like, what?
Like, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me, please!” [Laughs]

Peep the full interview below.