Lip Service: Angela Yee Talks With Prodigy About Catching His Lady Cheating

Queensbridge, N.Y. rapper, Prodigy caught up with radio raunch queen Angela Yee to talk love and sex from her red-light playlist.



Angela Yee: Ever caught someone cheating on you?


What happened?

One of my so-called girlfriends back in the day—
before Mobb Deep. I caught her messing with one of
my best friends.

That’s tough.
It was bad. I don’t know how I found out. I think he
told me.

He told you, “I banged your chick”?

Yeah. That was kind of crazy.

What’d you do?

Nothing. I just cut her off.

No confrontation?

Nah, it wasn’t dramatic. It was dramatic in my head,
though. I was hurt. I felt worthless

Peep the full interview below.


Tune in tomorrow for part three of Angela Yee and Prodigy’s lip service talk.