“Love & Hip-Hop” Yandy Smith Calls Out Producers for Setting Her Up

Yandy Smith, the newest addition to the posse of ladies that make up VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop is definitely no stranger to dramatic episodes that result in overturned tables, tussled hairdos, and flying footwear. The native New Yorker who hustled her way into an industry that very few succeed in is finding herself in an elbow lock when it comes to the way she is being portrayed on the show.

The on-again, off-again manager of rapper Jim Jones, doesn’t seem to enjoy being labeled the instigator of all the chaos lighting up the season.

She opens up to YBF about how certain scenes were set up by the producers who were no doubt hoping to make the sparks fly by using her as a catalyst. The Kimbella and Eric Mena fiasco was a typical example of the “staged maneuver” that so many reality shows implement to get viewers coming back for more.

But surely the reality TV starlet had some idea what she was walking into before she signed on the dotted lines and agreed to face the cameras head on. Judging from her show business background, which has allowed her access to major contacts in the industry, it’s hard to believe that she thought reality shows were actually based on reality.

One has to wonder what she hopes to gain by exposing the behind-the-scenes exploits of a show that is ultimately giving her time in the spotlight. Perhaps she feels the need to clear her name and refute the rumors but maybe with time she will realize that nobody cares. She should apply that energy to trying to land her own show. That’s how the reality game is played and won.