Men in Fashion: Frank Ocean Covers “L’Uomo Vogue”

Singer/Songwriter Frank Ocean continues to make his mark by posing for the Italian men’s division of Vogue Magazine for their December issue. The 24-year-old New Orleans native is featured donning pieces by Roberto Cavalli, Tom Ford and Givenchy. In addition to showing his versatility in fashion, he opens up about his quick rise to fame, politics and how he dislikes his music being coined “R&B.”

“My generation just doesn’t have the best taste in leadership. And weak leadership means little to no cohesion. If there’s no cohesion, there’s no real chance for effective protest or politics. Obviously, looking at Occupy Wall Street, there are a few in our bunch who still give a damn enough to rally and shout,” he said, adding sarcastically, “This will change once I’m elected President.”

Frank Ocean’s undeniable talent made him a hot commodity this year, writing songs for artist such as Beyoncé, Brandy and John Legend, in addition to lending his vocals for several tracks on the Watch The Throne album. Vogue described him as the “best R&B lyricist since Prince.” Mr. Ocean’s thoughts on this year’s success:

“Career-wise, this year feels like a montage scene in a movie.”

Nostalgia, ULTRA was released this summer and Frank Ocean facetiously categorized the album as “bluegrass.” Some would consider his music to fall in the R&B genre but he expresses his dislike of the classification stating:

“I’ll usually cringe at the r&b label. Because it’s like calling it urban… and what the f*ck is urban music?”

Frank Ocean is definitely a force to be reckoned with, we look forward to more music from this creative soul.

Photos by Nabil Elderkin, who also directed Frank’s “Swim Good” video.