Mona Scott Young Talks Erica Mena’s Love & Hip Hop Debut, Somaya Reece’s Absence, and More

We caught up with Love & Hip Hop’s executive producer Mona Scott Young for another Twitterchat and she spoke on all the show’s happenings. From Erica Mena’s big debut to Somaya’s lack of appearance, check out Mona’s message and response to the questions below:

So glad to be back with an all new episode and from the feedback I’m getting I already know you guys enjoyed it! This has been a crazy season but again, I thank you guys for all the support and feedback. It really means alot.

As I wind down this year and look forward to 2012, I want to thank #TeamMonami-my partner in crime and Love & Hip Hop Supervising Producer Stephanie Gayle, Exec Assistant Michael Nittolo, Brand Manager Jean Chouteau, Information Manager & PR Super Guru Maricarmen (MC) Lopez, my Producing partners Stefan and Toby of NFGTV, the entire crew and staff of L&HH, our Genius network Exec Jim Ackerman and of course, the cast who made this all possible. Thank you to @DamnAnthony and @DayDog at also! Wishing every one of you a joyous and prosperous New Year!

Twitterchat Questions:

1. What was the bet that Jim lost to Juelz?
Hmmmm….good question. Will find out from Jim and get back to u guys on that. LoL!

2. Any reason Somaya Reece is MIA? Will she be featured in upcoming episodes?

With 6 cast members to follow it sometimes becomes difficult to get everyone in every episode so what we do is try to follow the stories that are happening as they are happening. It would not be smart storytelling to focus on a cast member just to make sure they’re represented in an episode when there is a great story unfolding with another cast member that needs coverage. There is only so much time per episode to cover story and we have to make tough choices every day but rest assured, Somaya is definitely still very much part of the cast and will make appearances in coming episodes. The #TeamSomaya lynch mob warriors can stand down! LOL!

3. Did you expect Erica to kick things off with a bang like that and what really happened between her and Kimbella before to make them fight like that?

Absolutely NOT! I was watching that unfold like WTF??!! Where the heck did all of that come from?! That definitely took us all by surprise. According to them both, they had never had any interaction although they both maintain that they’ve
traveled in the same circle in Miami and have some mutual acquaintances. ACCORDING TO ERICA (need to make it clear that these are her thoughts NOT mine! LOL!) it may not have been anything specific that Kim did but the fact that she represented some of the women in the video modeling game that Erica had encountered…

4. Is Kimbella married to Juelz? If not, any news of wedding bells to soon come? Will Kimbella and Juelz’s relationship be shown more In the show?

Kim and Juelz are probably better suited to answer this than I am. What I do know is that they have a beautiful son that they are raising together.

5. Erica came on as Yandy’s new client…does that cause tension with Kimbella and Yandy?

As a manager, Yandy is always on the lookout for new talent. Erica was someone she met with to discuss the potential of doing things together but as far as I know they had not come to any final decisions about the state of their business relationship. Also I don’t believe Yandy was aware of how strongly Erica felt about Kim (again, none of us were!) or she would have never had a part in bringing them around each other. Kim knows Yandy well enough to know this and they have not allowed this incident to negatively impact their friendship.