MTV Drops ‘Choose or Lose’ Slogan For Upcoming Election Year

For 20 years, MTV has been asking viewers to ‘Choose or Lose,” during the channel’s election season campaign. The campaign will now be called “Power of 12,” to bring awareness to not only the election year, but that 18 to 29-year-olds have a lot of political power that isn’t tapped into.

The campaign, announced today, is asking voters to do more than just “choose or lose,” but to realize that they hold the power. They just need to use it. “We felt like it no longer truly represented the complexity and the issues that face our audience,” Stephen K. Friedman, the president of MTV told the New York Times. “It’s almost a topic they’d rather not think about.”

The “Power of 12″ campaign hopes to spark conversation with its first televised program, a short documentary starring Andrew Jenks, a 25-year-old filmmaker, meeting the Republican candidates, according to the New York Times. And also with, “When I Was 22,” about the candidates at a younger age. But the campaign will be largely focused online with on a Web site that promotes voter registration and that will feature a fantasy election game.

How do you think this campaign will do, Vixens?

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