MTV’s “Teen Mom” Star Amber Portwood Back in Jail

Amber Portwood, a star from MTV’s hit show “Teen Mom,” was arrested Monday (December 19) in central Indiana for violating her probation on felony domestic battery charges.

The 21-year-old was convicted back in June for assaulting her baby’s father and ex-fiance Gary Shirley. At the time she was given a 2-year jail sentence. The unfit mother failed to meet with her probation officer Friday (December 16) and when the officer went to visit her at her home she was allegedly under the influence of a “a mood-altering substance.” In a report by the Probation Department, obtained by Indiana’s Herald Bulletin, Portwood was said to have become “a danger to herself and to society; therefore should be taken into custody.”

After refusing to take a drug test she was placed in Indiana’s Madison County Jail, where she is being held without bail. She is due to appear in court on Jan. 13. (Via NY Daily News)