New Documentary to Show Rare Footage About MLK Murder

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The Smithsonian Channel will air MLK: The Assassination Tapes, a new documentary that includes footage primarily from local news in Memphis, Tenn., where the civil rights leader was murdered on April 4, 1968.

Via Color Lines The documentary includes interviews with locals, including Vince Hughes, who was a 20-year-old Memphis police dispatcher on his second day of work when King was killed. Hughes kept audiotapes of police calls on that day and crime scene photos from where King was shot.

MLK: The Assassination Tapes captures the frantic manhunt for MLK’s assassin, the riots that erupted across the country, and the desperate pleas for peace from President Lyndon Johnson and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy,” reads the Smithsonian Channel’s press release. The documentary is said to include footage of Coretta Scott King and her children marching in Memphis just days after King’s death, in support of the striking workers.

The film, which is scheduled to air on the Smithsonian Channel on February 12, contains a lot of footage that hasn’t been seen on television since it originally aired.