Nicki Minaj Thanks Taylor Swift for “Super Bass” Success

made a tearful acceptance speech for Rising Star of 2011 Billboard award. After shouting out her Barbz, she sat with Robin Roberts to send a personal “thank you” to country pop star and Woman of the Year recipient Taylor Swift.

“First I saw a radio interview, and they asked her what song she liked and she said, ‘Can it be a song that didn’t come out yet’ and she started rapping ‘Super Bass.’ Then she tweeted that she liked ‘Super Bass’ and then all of her fans who had never heard about Nicki Minaj went and purchased it. After Taylor tweeted that, ‘Super Bass’ climbed up 80-something spots the same day on Itunes. And that is why people don’t understand why I keep on thanking Taylor Swift. This is real.”

Nicki’s crossover appeal has skyrocketed, so we guess we should thank T. Swift as well. Maybe?

How do you feel about Nicki showing so much love to Taylor?