Pardon The Introduction! South Carolina’s Saint Nick

Thanks to J. Cole’s musical success South Carolina has been put on the map and Saint Nick aka Nicholas Grant is another talent to add to the long roster of southern stars. Nick is a protégé of Devyne Stephens (Akon’s business partner). With a dope new mixtape out, Born Hip Hop, that remixes classic tracks like Nas’ “If I Ruled the World” with a modern twist, Nick is definitely one to watch in 2012. –Zoy Britton


VIBE: What’s your full name and age?
SN: Saint Nick aka Nicholas Grant, 23.
Where are you originally from?
 I’m originally from Walterboro, South Carolina and I relocated to Atlanta a few years ago.
So I know that you work with Dyvyne Stephens, Kelly Rowland’s manager and Akon’s business partner. How did that relationship come about?
 We met through a mutual friend who grew up with him and he was passing through the city so my friend gave him one of my tapes and we weren’t even a mile away before he hit him back up and told him he had to work with me.
Can you tell me a little bit about your style of music and how you’ve developed it, influences?
 I would describe my style of music as hip- hop. My influences are, of course, Nas, jay- z, a little Mobb Deep, Styles P, -Jadakiss. I started out hanging out with one of my best friends who was rapping and my friend told my to write a rap and they would make a group. I didn’t take it seriously, like I would write other people’s raps and put my name in it. So I went home one night and wrote a rhyme and it was better than what everyone else had come up with and that’s when I knew this might be something.
Apart from rappers, do you have another other influences from musicians of other genres?
 Not really, I mean I’ve definitely been influenced by Stevie Wonder. But you know I really only listen to rap, like Slick Rick, Jay, Nas, you know.
What are your goals for your music, like where do you want to take your career ?
 I want to have this album to give somebody, I don’t care if its just one person, if its more than one that’s cool, that’s like the album I had when I was coming up. Like you listen to it and you’re just like “wow.” I wanna be the greatest like Jay, Nas, tell stories not just make music.
Any upcoming collabs or projects we can look out for?
 I recently released a song called “Here We Go Again” with Cyhi da Prince but I don’t really want to speak on anything else because nothing is really definite as yet. Um other than that my new mixtape Born Hip- Hop is out now.
Where can folks go to listen to your music?
 Well I have a tumblr- and you can hit me on YouTube at or tweet me @saintnickmc


 Download Saint Nick Born Hip-Hip Mixtape