Pill Addresses Rumors of Being Dropped From Maybach Music

The internet has been buzzing with rumors that Maybach Music Group artist Pill is no longer with the label.

‘Net gossip suggested the Atlanta rapper was dropped from MMG because he missed appearances with Rick Ross and the team. He also recieved bad reviews for a recent show at S.O.B.s and was even spotted without the MMG chain.

Pill spoke with The Boombox on his label situation and revealed all is well. He also discussed the upcoming Maybach Music Group compilation album, Self Made Vol. 2.

Being dropped from MMG rumor circulating:

I’m not sure how they started actually,” he tells The BoomBox. “I noticed it when people started f—ing with me on Twitter, but I don’t know the source of it. I mean, it is what it is. It’s mostly Twitter — people that follow me or don’t follow me that hate on me daily, and wanna start s—.”

Self Made Vol.  2 album update:

“Everybody pretty much spread out right now, and we’re sparsely working on it, but there’s no set date for the release. Everybody’s pretty much doing what they’re doing and trying to grind it out with different tracks as we go along. We’ve all recorded tracks already that we’ve compiled to submit for the actual LP but you know, I can’t even really say what percentage of it is done. I recorded a lot of tracks. Wale, Meek, Ross recorded a lot of tracks and we’re all just waiting on that day when we all can just sit and go through it.”

So it’s been settled, Pill is still down with Maybach Music.