R&B Spotlight Partners with SWV and Blazetrak for Talent Search

If you have the vocals that are destined to make it in the music industry, Blazetrak.com is one website you need to stop by. “R&B Spotlight” has partnered with the online platform to conduct a search for talent through December 12, 2011 through January 8, 2012. Artists are invited to submit a video performance (not to exceed 5 minutes) and an audio clip of music. The winning artist(s) will have the opportunity to perform live on stage during the January edition of “R&B Spotlight,” accompanying a major national recording artist or group.

Corey Stanford, co-founder of Blazetrak, says:

“We are very excited about working with R&B Spotlight. Our goal is to expand the reach and depth of the talent search via technology, and expose the opportunity to aspiring R&B artists around the world.”

“R&B Spotlight” is hosted monthly at BB King’s Blues Club and Grill in the heart of Times Square. The event provides a platform for local emerging artists to unveil their talents and gain exposure in the R&B community. Previous host and guest of include Lil Mo, SWV, Changing Faces, RL of Next.

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