Reality TV Recap – ‘T.I. & Tiny, The Family Hustle’

Last night (December 5) the season premiere of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle began with much drama, but the kind that has a silver lining. TI, newly released from an 11 month stint in prison, ended up having to go back for another month but when he was released (for real, for real this time) it was good to see that he took responsibility for his actions. Hopefully he stays out this time.

Tiny was happy to finally see her man after a year of not getting any, a point that her friends brought up every time they got the chance. But now that we’ve seen episode one we clearly know that Tiny (or Ryder, perhaps) is a freak.

His tribe of children were also ecstatic to see him. And we are ecstatic about the show. 

We love how the two of them ride or die for each other.

Check out some clip of our favorite moments from last night’s episode.