Red Velvet Lips

1. Before applying any lip color, exfoliate your lips using Lush Cosmetics Sweet Lips Lip Scrub. It’s made of organic cane sugar and tastes like chocolate. Yummy!

2. Condition the lips immediately after, using Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Lip Moisture Cream SPF 30 for protection from dryness. Blot any excess product with a tissue.

3. Apply Too Faced Lip Insurance Smoothing Anti-Feathering Lip Primer on the edges of your lip line so that the color stays in place.

4. For girls with two-toned lips, you will also blend a droplet of concealer on your lips first and finish with a translucent powder.

5. Using a lip brush apply M.A.C Ruby Woo (my go-to universal matte red – every woman should wear it) to the center of the pout and blend toward the outer perimeter of the mouth.

6. Use M.A.C Cherry Lip Pencil to make your red smooch look really crisp by filling in the lip line. Blend the pencil in with the lip color for a seamless look using your lip brush and voila!

You’re now officially red velvet ready!