Rihanna Reportedly Calls Katy Perry Crying ‘She Just Wants a Loving Boyfriend’

Lately, Rihanna has been going in to work overload and as the days go by it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. According to Showbizspy, Rih’s friend Katy Perry is reportedly worried about her and begged to take some time off and get therapy,” a source said.

Rihanna has had a hard time letting go and moving on from ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and it was reported that she has been “self-medicating with booze ever since the split.” Poor Rih! The pressure of being a socialite is taking a toll on her. “She calls Katy in tears, saying how down she is and that her life’s controlled by her label. She just wants a loving boyfriend.”

Even Katy’s husband Russell Brand stepped in and “told Katy that she had to step in because Rihanna is on a very slippery slope,” said the source. She’s touched that they want to help, and she agrees that she must stop. She doesn’t want to be the next Amy Winehouse.”

Wow! While Rihanna continues her tour, we hope it doesn’t come to an abrupt end with a Rih Rih meltdown. –Krystal Holmes