RIP Lil’ Kim…But It’s Not Who You Think

In another typical case of weirdness and misinformation spread online, news of the death of Kim Jong Il took a strange twist.

Shortly after it was announced that the North Korean dictator died, a few Twitter users started “mourning” the loss of ‘Lil’ Kim.'”

Wall Street Journal blogger Tom Loftus writes:

Cultural critic N’Gai Croal was one of the first to jump-start the meme, “RIP, Lil’ Kim,” he tweeted. Thousands more followed.

“Herman Cain sending condolences to family of Lil’ Kim,” tweeted actor James Urbaniak, a reference to the former presidential candidate’s displayed lack of knowledge on world leaders.

By this morning Google Trends, a page which tracks the fastest-rising Google search queries had “kim jong il died” as the top hot search in the U.S. “Lil kim” ranked number seven.

The Google team responsible for Google Trends was not immediately available for comment.

Topsy, a real-time search engine which tracks Tweets, has recorded over 14 thousand Tweets related to Lil’ Kim over the past 24 hours.

Comparisons between the two Kims have been made before. Mother Jones magazine in 2003 ran an infographic comparing “The Notorius Kims.” The magazine gave Lil’ Kim the edge for being raised on the “mean streets of Bed-Stuy (Brooklyn) against Kim Jong Il’s believed birthplace on “the outskirts of Vladivostock.”

So, there you have Queen Bee fans. Your beloved Biggie protege is alive and well.