That Sh*t Cray! The 10 Craziest Moments of 2011

The Crazy Moment: In late February, LMFAO singer Sky Blu was arrested after getting into a confrontation with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney aboard an Air Canada flight. After Blu put his seat back before takeoff, Romney reportedly asked him to move it. When Blu refused, Romney reacted by grabbing the singer. Police were called and Blu was escorted off the plane.

Our Reaction: Let us find out Mitt Romney thinks he’s a G! Or, for that matter, that one of the guys from LMFAO thinks he’s a G! Either way, we do know one thing: President Obama would never give either of the guys from LMFAO trouble (we’re betting Malia and Sasha have uploaded a few of their tracks to his iPod). Watch who you’re messing with, Mitt!