Sigh! The 10 Most Disappointing Rappers of 2011


The Rapper: Dr. Dre

The Disappointment: Not doing anything to change where he stood last year this time when he was also No. 10 on our “Most Disappointing” list. Like, it’s one thing to not release Detox—trust us: we weren’t surprised!—but it’s a whole other thing to come out in November and say that you’re taking a break from music. A break? From doing what? Not releasing Detox? C’mon, man. Just say you’re not gonna release it and we’ll go about living our lives, okay?

How 2012 Can Be Better: Either release Detox—or tell the world once and for all that it’s never coming out. Anything short of doing one of those two things will land you right back on this list next year.