Skills You Need To Be A Better Friend

Share and Communicate. Telling your girlfriend what’s been going on and vice versa in your worlds will allow a close connection. Hiding thoughts and feelings and shutting down will make a friendship die quickly and might stir up drama between each other.

Girls Get Together. Whether it’s a lunch date, girl’s night out, or straight up hang out, getting together with your girlfriend shows a sign that you love her company.

Honesty. True friendship does not fault you for keeping it real. You want to have each other’s back by looking out for one another. Honesty is the best policy but also be empathetic while doing it.

Support. It can be through a time of struggle, pain, lending a helping hand and more. Being there and having each other’s back is the best way to care for your girlfriends. Laughter. Remember it’s always easy to talk to each other about your difficult times but you also want to share some laughs on the regular basis. Sharing laughter helps relieve your body and mind from stress. Every girlfriend should make laughing a priority in their friendships.

- Francesca Cange