SWV Talks Their Comeback, New Single “Co-Sign” & More

Explain the story behind recording “Co-Sign” and making this decision to return to music.
Taj: We always wanted to come back. Lamb produced a great song for us. When we heard the song we fell in love with it.

LeLee: Well when I heard the song I knew it had our name on it. The producer studied us and payed attention to what we had done in the past and nailed it. True SWV fans will love this song. Once you’re in this music thing, its imbedded in you. When you have a certain level of success and leave the business– you miss it. I have always listened to music even when we weren’t together. I’m an old school head. I love the oldies but goodies. On another note, the industry was dry and radio just wasn’t exciting to me anymore. You can count on one hand who was in heavy rotation. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. There are too many great artists out here, but for some reason who ever is responsible didn’t give them a chance. Music has gotten me through some really tough times. There’s always a great song that will take you to whatever place you wanna go, make you feel happy when your sad, and even make you feel like you’re going to heaven when you’re life is full of hell. I would die without music. 🙂

Coko: Co-Sign was written & produced by Lamb. It’s just a positive love song that we all fell in love with the 1st time we heard it. Love is missing from a lot of songs these days so we’re happy to bring it back. As for the return, it was just time. We finally got past our issues & with the help of Cory were able to get it going full steam. A few people turned their backs on us & just didn’t believe in the group anymore. But we believed in ourselves along with our manager Cory Taylor & here we are.

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