Tameka Foster Claims Usher Pops Pills

The custody battle saga between Tameka Foster and ex-hubby Usher Raymond continues to heat up. Since commenting on the situation via twitter yesterday, today there are new allegations. The NY Post reports that Foster requested for Usher to get a drug test because she found mysterious pills in his pocket back in 2008.

“I dated him . . . when he’s had a very serious throat condition and he still performs like a champ, I really feel strongly that something was going on there, and it wasn’t, ‘Oh I have laryngitis. I believe he gets high. And if he doesn’t then he’d take the drug test, correct?”

Usher refused the request, calling it“frivolous and unfounded.”

All of this baby mama drama is a bit ridiculous with such young children involved. We hope Usher doesn’t lash out on Tameka and keeps his saneness for the sake of his kids.

The question now is: Which parent do we believe?