Teen Getting Spanked in Viral Video Found Dead

Remember the video that went viral back in January of the 16-year-old boy getting a spanking by his uncle for pretending to be a gang banger on the internet? His name was Michael Taylor and Black America Web reports that he was found shot to death in New Orleans.

His mother blames his death on the friends he kept. “He was guilty by association,”she stated.

The incident happened on December 7th when Taylor went outside to talk to his friend.

“She said she called him back inside a few minutes later to find out what was going on, and he told her he was just talking and went back outside. A few minutes later, her daughter received a text message saying that Taylor had been shot, and then another saying he was dead,” according to Black America Web. Sad story.

Here’s the video of how he became famous just in case you forgot.


Too bad that wooping didn’t keep him away from the wrong crowd. RIP Michael Taylor.