Terrence Howard Ordered To Stay Clear Of Ex-Wife

Looks like some of the inspiration for the pimp talking, back handing roles Terrence Howard has played on the big screen might have come from his real life. The Oscar-nominated actor has been ordered by a judge to stay 100 yards away from his estranged wife after she claimed Terrence repeatedly threatened and hit her during their marriage. Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon granted the stay-away order sought by Michelle Howard after she filed a lengthy declaration alleging abuse began within a week of the couple’s January 2010 marriage, Michelle eventually filed for divorce a year later.

According to The Huffington Post Michelle is alleging that Terrence has hit her several times, threatened to throw her from a hotel balcony in South Africa last year and that he is continuing to display erratic and often hostile behavior towards her despite their separation. According to Michelle:

“Despite my efforts to remove myself physically from (Howard’s) life, his periodic mood swings from anger, threats and violence to statements of love and requests for reconciliation continue and have not subsided,”
Terrence Howard of course is denying these allegations and in his own statement submitted to the court maintains that he has never threatened his wife and that she has repeatedly vowed to ruin his reputation and release private details. “I live in constant fear of Michelle’s endeavors to ruin my reputation; even providing this declaration may well lead to my being subjected to a paparazzi blitz which would not be good for my career.”
Hopefully these two can work things out peacefully before things get ugly.