The Female Bromance: Girl Crushes

Every girl needs a girl crush. No, not the type that fills male sexual fantasies with two (or more) women romping around in their undies. The girl crush is more along the lines of a female bromance. It’s a strictly-platonic, straight girl kind of longing where a hetero woman becomes infatuated with a fellow lady who possesses traits— inside and out— that the crusher admires (like say, beauty, sophistication, sass, confidence, etc.), and too, hopes to emulate.

Much like a girl-boy crush, which girls you crush on can actually tell you a bit about your own personality. “Whoever your girl crush is, it’s probably a result of somehow feeling connected to the star’s personality and values,” Dr. Helen Fisher, PhD, a biological anthropologist and author of the new book Why Him? Why Her? said in a Cosmo interview about girl crushes.

Having a girl crush also tells something else about you. There’s a certain type of woman who can see a fabulous fly woman and lift her up, instead of tear her down. If you’ve got a crush, you’re the type that bypasses buying into the negativity that is often associated with women’s social interactions (thanks Wives’ franchises). Girls who crush on girls offer a positive expression for how we ladies, really–no, seriously–actually do get along.

A girl crush comes as a great antidote to all the madness, a small, bright reminder that all women aren’t insecure, catty and crazy. Yes, there are those of us left who see a woman who seemingly has it all, or at least something we like, and instead of tearing her down, we raise her a little higher, and use her as inspiration to be a little better, sexier, more confident, whatever it is about our crush that gives a grown woman the giggles.