Today in SMH News – Mitt Romney’s Campaign Uses KKK Slogan

Political commenters reported Tuesday that one of Mitt Romney’s go-to campaign catch-phrases was a central theme of Ku Klux Klan publications in the 1920s. The phrase, “Keep America American,” served as a rallying cry for the white supremacist group’s campaign of violence and intimidation against black Americans, as well as Catholics, gay people and Jews, according to The Huffington Post. Watch below:

That’s certainly not good for a politician, especially when the recent debates have ignited issues of immigration and poverty in America, which disproportionally affect minorities.

The Huffington Post states that the slogan was first used in the 1850s by members of the anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic movement called the “Know Nothing Party.” It was a reaction to the great influx of immigrants in the mid-19th century, particularly Irish, who were fleeing the potato Famine.

Romney’s camp has yet to comment.