TOP 5 Guys Vixens Want to See Back On the Big Screen

Omar Epps

Who could forget our favorite frenemys Bishop and Q in Juice when Omar Epps debut in his first leading role in a film? And let’s not forget when Omar won our hearts in one of every Vixen’s all-time favorites, Love & Basketball. There’s not a time that goes by that I didn’t wish I was playing the role of Monica that Sanaa Lathan played so effortlessly. Time and time again Omar has given us countless reasons to pay attention with his incredible skills and GQ Swag. His versatility in acting and the ability to take on new genres with such ease is one of the reasons why we want to see more of him.

And as much as we enjoy seeing Omar play Dr. Foreman on House, we’d love to see him grace the big screen once again as a new character in a sequel to The Brothers or in a role that shows off his softer sensual side.