Trey Songz Talks About Donating EP Proceeds to ‘Angels With Heart’ Charity

Mr. Steal Yo Girl, more affectionately known as Trey Songz, is having one helluva of a fourth quarter this year. After releasing the second installments of two mixtapes–Anticipation II and #LemmeHoldDatBeat 2–the VA crooner still managed to steam full speed ahead on a five-track EP, rounding out the month of November with three releases.

VIBE caught up with the star who recently celebrated his 27th birthday at LAVO alongside Ne-Yo, Kevin Liles and Kevin Hart. Trey explained the reasons why he dropped three music projects in one month.

“I put out two mixtapes earlier this month and the Inevitable EP is inexpensive. November was ‘Angels With Heart’ month, so all the proceeds go to my charity,” Trey says. “Basically, I’m getting all my fans ready. I put out a lot of music this month to let everybody know that I’m in the spirit of making music, plus I’m working on the album, so this is what I can give away.”

The singer-slash-rapper (who hadn’t slept in 23 hours, at the time) is tirelessly prepping for his fifth studio album, Chapter 5, which is set to be released next year. So much so that’s he hasn’t had time to check out one of this year’s chart-topping records. “I haven’t heard [Take Care] honestly. I know that will sound bad to some people, but I haven’t been really listening to a lot of music. I’ve recorded, what, like 40 songs in 40 days? Something like that.”

While his ears rest up for some of the grandeur emo tunes, he has kept his ears close to the streets, citing 2 Chainz’ T.R.U REALigion and Young Jeezy’s The Real Is Back as two of his favorite mixtapes of the year.

Ending out the year, it’s apparent that this heir of R&B remains an underground king solely focused on what’s next. When asked what he on his wish list for the holidays, he answered honestly, “I’m happy, not just as Trey Songz but as a person. I would love for somebody to make a huge donation to “Angels With Heart” hint hint! [Laughs]” –Niki McGloster