Twitter Chat! Melanie Fiona’s Talks Lexus Verses and Flow, New Album and More

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of conducting an interview with songstress Melanie Fiona via Twitter. We discussed her appearance on TV One’s Lexus Verses and Flow, upcoming album, what inspires her, and much more. Check out the Q & A below:

Verses & Flow is a show about the inspiration of poetry and music. What inspires you?
Melanie: People, music, and life inspire me. Things we live feel and go through everyday fuel me. I’m constantly seeking understanding.
What do you like to write about?
LOVE!! ups and downs. the downs are always easier to express because I find strength in expressing vulnerability. its therapy.
What do you think of combining poetry and music?
I think they’re one in the same. I look at the lyrics of songs as a form of poetry. Separately, they are equally beautiful.
Had you worked with Lexus before?
I have worked with @Lexus b4. I’ve done a few events w/them. Its always nice to work with brands who support artistry & music.
What did you take away from this experience?
I feel proud to be a part of this new series #VersesandFlow. I feel its a refreshing approach to art & music that people need.
What songs did you perform on Verses & Flow?
I performed a medley of “4am” and “it Kills me” & a brand new song called “Running”. I even spit a few bars! đŸ™‚ #VersesandFlow.
Both songs are from your upcoming album?
“Running” is def on the new album Produced by @salaamremi and feat. @Nas. The exact album date is unknown, but SPRING 2012.
What is the title?
The NEW ALBUM IS CALLED “THE MF LIFE”!!! All puns intended!! lololol.
What music artist (past or present) do you feel is the true definition of a poet?
I feel Bob Marley was and still is a poet. His use and expression of words was so simple, but very deep. It moves the world.