V Exclusive! 50 Cent Breaks Down His ‘The Big 10′ Mixtape

A decade ago 50 Cent declared he was the future of hip-hop. Back then, his first mixtape 50 cent Is The Future impacted the streets with a new approach to the coveted “freestyle.” Fif’s method of actually rewriting existing hit records helped launch his career.

On his inaugural mixtape, the Queens native remixed songs from hip-hop greats like Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang Clan and Jay-Z. G-Unit members Lloyd Banks and Ton Yayo were also introduced as important forces in 50’s movement.

This Friday, G-Unit’s shot caller plans to release a special 10-year anniversary mixtape for the project that set it off.

“Everything on it is new, it’s like an LP,” 50 tells VIBE of the songs included on The Big 10. “It’s just that I got the chance to do the talking that I do on mixtapes.”

Infamous for his aggressive and downright disrespectful rants at the end of his freestyle songs, fans will be getting their dose of sh*t talking, come Friday. The mogul promises to deliver the same type of street oriented content that caught listeners’ attention 10-years ago.

Fif says his first leak from mixtape, “Stop Crying,” (which contains a Biggie sample) was an indicator of where he took the music. He was also quick to point out his fans’ inability to acknowledge the actual thought he puts behind his music.

“I think that when people hear the tape, they’ll be surprised. It’ll hold ‘em over until my album comes out,” Fif adds with a confident smile. “I did over a Bobby Womack joint. But it’s further back then just doing someone else’s record that just came out. I see that so often from new artists–they follow the trend of what I did in that time period so often that it’s been exhausted. It’s a traffic jam in that area at this point.”

Fans will get to hear from 50’s new subdivision of G-Unit on the project as well.

“I’m introducing the new regime. Not G-Unit but Ryder Gang. You’ll hear from Paris a new female artist on the team,” 50 says of his new recruits, which also includes rapper Kidd Kidd.

The Big 10 will be released this Friday at 12pm exclusively on Thisis50.com and Datpiff.com.