V-Exclusive – Jonah Hill Spits His Favorite Method Man Lines

http://videos.realgravity.com/vibe/20111206/77068152c70363c50c701ae7bf037f6b000a-th240br152.mp4 In case you didn’t know, Jonah Hill is a huge hip-hop fan. VIBE caught up with him and Method Man to talk about their upcoming film The Sitter, which is in theaters today.

In part 1 of the exclusive Jonah filled us in that this would be “the most crazy insane R-rated babysitting movie ever made.” In part 2 they both gave us the scoop on what happend on set and Method Man said the audience is in for some “authentic New York sh*t.” But we couldn’t let Jonah Hill leave without giving us something hip-hop related, so watch how he performs under pressure when we ask him to kick some Method Man lines for us.

Be sure to check out The Sitter! –Krystal Holmes