V Exclusive! Lloyd Talks the Hottest of 2011, Holidays Plans, and Working With Weezy (PG.2)

Do you have any special plans for New Years?
New Years! My father’s birthday is on New Years and then my birthday is on the 3rd. I’m probably gonna be in Atlanta with family, but I hope to make a great escape out to somewhere warm.
Word. What about resolutions? What are you hoping to accomplish in 2012?
In 2012 I just hope to give back more, you know? That’s more of my resolution is giving back a little more. You know this year I gave my hair way to charity and it felt good so I just wanna do more of that.
Yeah, that was a great move. Shocked a lot of people! But it was definitely a good look.
Yeah, totally. Change, shock – it all goes hand-in-hand.
Speaking of shock, do you have any major remixes or collaborations in the works that we should maybe be expecting?
Wow. Well, me and will.I.am worked on some music not too long ago. That was pretty dope. And then I recorded a track in Vegas that I would really like to get Wiz [Khalifa] on. [It’s not done yet] but I’m going to send it to him soon, so maybe – you never know. And “Be The One” [Featuring Trey Songz and Young Jeezy]!
Nice. What about Lil Wayne? He was on your last three albums. Can we expect another big collaboration with him?
Well, “Dedication” is out. That’s with me, Wayne and Andre. Other than that, you never really know with him. We just kind of go. When we’re around each other we just work.
Word. Sometimes that’s just the best way to go. It makes things organic.
Organic’s always the best, man.
What are those sessions with him like? How is it working with him in the studio?
Oh, he’s amazing. He’s the best. I learn a lot from him, both things said and unsaid, you know? He’s the kind of guy who if you are around [him] and you do have that opportunity of being around someone like that,  you really wanna take as much of it in as possible as far as the method to the madness. In the studio he’s just a totally different person than when you talk to him. He just kind of transforms. It’s dope to watch.
I can imagine. Lil Wayne isn’t the only major artist you’ve collabed with. Andre 3000, as we mentioned before, was on “Dedication,” as well as the “I Want You” remix on Street Love. How was that working with him?
To me, he’s the best from Atlanta, maybe of all time. I think T.I.P. is giving people a run for their money and Jeezy is my favorite, but as far as A-Town, man, he’s the king. And a lot of times, you know, you’ve just gotta remind yourself when you work with people of that stature, that caliber, who are that successful, you just gotta always remind yourself that there is a place where you guys can relate and that you are rather similar. They’re just people, and they’re people who make wins and losses in music – meaning every idea might not be even their greatest. Every word that Andre makes may not be the flyest and you gotta remember that, as successful as they are, they’re still hungry, they’re still yearning to learn just as you. So when you have a new idea or something that you might think is hot, you gotta let it out and you gotta have the confidence in your own ideas as well because a lot of the times they’re just looking to be inspired right along with yourself. You know. [I’m] just speaking on how basically it can be overwhelming to say “Oh, you know, I worked with Andre 3000” or someone like Jay-Z or Lil Wayne. But the best music comes when you’re real comfortable in your own skin. And I think that’s how I end up working with these guys is just being comfortable with myself.
Yeah. Definitely. It comes to a point where it’s hard for others to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.
Yeah, and plus, once you get to a certain level,­ it’s not really about the money anymore; it’s about the integrity of the music and the art and I don’t think I’d be able to work with him – I don’t give a damn if I had $100,000,000 – if my music wasn’t up to par. They probably wouldn’t wanna work with me. You know what I mean?
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