V Exclusive! T.I. Says He’s Feeling ‘110%’ About His New Music

T.I. is only looking forward in life. The mistakes that he made in the past are no longer a part of the road that lies ahead of him.

Taking his freedom as a blessing, Tip has used every bit of star power to expand on his growing brand. VIBE spoke with the rapper at the New York City screening for his new reality show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle on VH1. Featuring all six of their children, the couple allowed cameras into their most private places and affairs.

On the red carpet, VIBE’s Dec/Jan cover artist explained how he’s been getting back into his groove since returning home from prison.

“I will say this, when you are in circumstances like that, the creative process, it all derives from your inner spirit,” T.I. says on how prison affected his music.

Tip says incarceration did hinder his creative juices a bit but is having no problems in laying down new tracks now that he’s home.

“It kind of kills a piece of your spirit. So it makes the creative process a little more difficult,” T.I. says of his time served. “I could write down ideas. I might have some thoughts on word play. I might have a few punchlines. I might have a idea of hook. But it’s not until I get my back into my life and I get back into my element that I can fully create. And be 110% again, which I am now.”

Check out T.I. on the cover of VIBE Magazine.