V Exclusive! Young Jeezy Talks Working With Jill Scott, Andre 3000 and Jay-Z

Young Jeezy.  has come a long way from being just another face in the trap. His latest release, Thug Motivation 103: A Husterlz Ambition, contains some of his biggest collaborations to date. Before the album dropped, VIBE sat down with Jeezy to discuss two records we feel could change his career.

Listen: Young Jeezy feat. Jill Scott “Trapped”

“Jill wrote that. I hit Jill up and I sent her a record and she was like ‘nah I’m cool’ and she’s like give me a week or two and I’ll come up with some shit and send it to,” Jeezy tells VIBE. “She sent it to me on another beat that one of her guys did with some producers she was dealing with, and we couldn’t really get the business together, so I went and reached out to J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and got her vocals and we built the song all over again, and I just gave everything I had.”

“You know that record to me is like a day in the life — you know matter of fact that’s my life summed up in a couple of verse — I feel like this record is special, it’s going to touch mothers and sisters and aunties and things like that because those are the strong people in our community, like that record my mother hasn’t heard that record yet. But when she hears it she’s probably going to be in tears because she’s going to know everything I said was true, and then she’s going to feel like I didn’t forget it because that’s what I use for my hustler’s ambition. That’s what I fuel off, the fact that I went through all that.”

Listen: Young Jeezy feat. Andre 3000 & Jay-Z “I Do”

“I think its an event, I think right now, you know music, hip hop, rap whatever you want to call it, we need an event. We need three legendary trap cats on one track talking that shit. And to me, that’s my confession about my love for the game, I feel like I’m married to the streets, the people. I feel like I’m married to the struggle, the pain everything and it’s like all that’s in this record.”

“I feel like the streets is my wife and sometimes when your wife is unhappy it’s a 24/7 job, like Mary said “25/8,” it never stops. It’s always ongoing and every day, every minute seems like she could be happy one minute, mad the next, spiteful at times and it’s like a marriage. It’s something you got to stay on, you got to always and I feel dedicated to that and that’s how I do it. “