Venus vs. Mars: Tahiry Talks Joe Budden and “The Longest Breakup Ever” [VIDEO]

They’re back! Not only has model Tahiry and rapper Joe Budden entertained us plenty of times via Twitter and video rants, but they’ve never hesitated to out one another during their love rollercoaster ride. Since materializing on our radar, Joe Budden has been linked to several video models and Tahiry hasn’t hesitated to spill raw emotion about their on-again off-again status. In this latest installment of Joe’s ever-honest and beloved video clips, this couple (who seem as if they may make-up sooner than later) discusses courtship, delves into the ills of their past and bicker about what’s to come. It’s clear, however, that Mr. Mood Muzik wants to remain close to his ex-lady but struggles with building the romance any further.

But beyond the issues that these two need to resolve, a lot of Vixens can relate to Tahiry’s outcry. After being with Mr. Wrong, it always takes Mr. Nice Guy to show you exactly how a man is supposed to get down. Sadly, that love for Mr. Wrong never falters. Tahiry’s point was to explain how much the little things–opening doors, honesty, taking out the trash, respect, wining and dining at nice restaurants, etc–are what all women deserve but some are usually not witnessing. We’ll have to take her side on this one.

Check out the video below, and tell us: Which of these two is making a better point?