Vixen Chat: Eric Roberson + The Misconceptions of Being “Mr. Nice Guy”

Now to switch over into a little bit of style and fashion, what is your personal style whether on stage or in your everyday life, what do you like to wear?
I’m addicted to a few brands, one is Hugo Boss. I’m strongly addicted to it, and I’m just waiting for them to realize it, so they can start sending me clothes [Laughs]. I definitely love fashion. I’m a sneaker kid; I have way too many.

Did your wife try to stop you from buying sneakers?
I don’t think so. I think it’s a little bit of self-discipline but I pretty much have a walk-in closet of just sneakers. My son has helped because now my sneaker desire has gone to his feet, and I want to make sure that he’s styling. He’s about to have more sneakers than I do!

I like that you pay attention to your image and your style, that’s always good to see [in men]. Lastly, what is next for this Mr. Nice Guy who seems to have it all right now?
Just to grow. Organized growth. This is the eighth album we put out, and I’m looking forward to eventually doing #9 and touring. I just want to continue to balance that with day-to-day life, try to make today better than yesterday.